If you want to learn to draw, you must learn how to see.

see /see/ v. discern by use of the eyes.


Because accurate sight assures
an accurate likeness,
regardless of your subject.


Directly, through the
one-to-one relationship
of Sight-Size.

Where? In your own home!

Atelier Rousar | online

Teaching you how to see so that you can confidently draw whatever you see.

Memory Drawing

The Memory Drawing Course consists of 32 weekly lessons which you can do daily, as recommended, or at your own pace. In it you'll begin with simple line and shape memory exercises. You'll then progress through more complex shapes, to value spotting of full scenes, and color matching.

Enroll now and begin making the most of every glance!

Sight-Size Cast Drawing

Have you always wanted to attend an atelier? It is clearly the best way to learn how to see. But if that's not possible for you, the Sight-Size Cast Drawing online course can help. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, you can learn how to see, draw, and paint, in your own home and at your own pace.

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Are You Ready To Learn How To Draw What You See?

You can learn how to draw,
online in your own home.

You can learn how to see,
online in your own home.

About Darren R. Rousar

Founder of Atelier Rousar | online


"For centuries, students began their studies by drawing and painting from antique casts. They learned to see the outside shape and the edge of the shadow and how to model halftones and turn edges - essential skills for any realist artist. Darren does a remarkable job of explaining and illustrating in great detail how students today may learn these skills."

-Richard Whitney, PhD.H, Artist and author. Studied with Sid Willis and R. H. Ives Gammell.

"Darren Rousar provides helpful tips that only an active, involved teacher can provide. It's clear he has worked with students who tackle the problems he addresses when learning to see values and shapes correctly. Each problem is addressed with a solution and encouraging advice."

-A. Champlin