Have you always wanted to learn how to draw, perhaps by attending an atelier?

There is no doubt that intensive atelier training under a competent master is the best way to learn how to see, draw, and paint. In fact, if you do have the means, I strongly recommend that seek out that training!
Unfortunately, in person training like that is only available to a relative few.
If that is your situation, all is not lost. You can still achieve your dreams of learning to draw by first learning to see. It simply takes some direction, time, and the means to see your errors.

You can learn how to see, and then draw, and paint, online in your own home through Atelier Rousar | online.

Darren R. Rousar studied privately with Richard Lack and attended Atelier LeSueur, both in Minnesota, as well as Studio Cecil-Graves in Florence, Italy. He was the assistant director and an instructor at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, after which he became vice president of The Minnesota River School of Fine Art in Burnsville. He has been teaching people how to see through Sight-Size for more than 30 years.
He is the author of six books and the founder of Atelier Rousar | online. A more in-depth bio is over here.
Darren also runs an extensive site focused on Sight-Size, and another focused on Memory Drawing.