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By viewing this site or making a purchase you acknowledge that unless otherwise noted all content on the site is copyrighted, is the intellectual property of Atelier Rousar and/or Velatura Press, LLC, and that it may not be published, reproduced or shared in part or in whole in any form without prior written authorization.  Furthermore, you acknowledge that all material is solely for your personal use and training. Full terms and conditions for acceptable use, refunds, critiques, etc. can be found below.

Atelier Rousar | online Acceptable Use Policy

  • Unless otherwise noted, all content on the Atelier Rousar | online website is copyrighted by Velatura Press, LLC.
  • If you are a member of one or more of our courses, you may use the course(s) for your own personal training.
  • Your Atelier Rousar | online course login is a personal one and may only be shared with your significant other.
  • You may not copy, lend, distribute, or otherwise make publicly available login credentials, or any Atelier Rousar | online course content.
  • Violation of Atelier Rousar | online intellectual property will result in legal action and loss of course access without refund.
Teachers and Schools
  • Atelier Rousar | online courses are intended for individual study.
  • Displaying Atelier Rousar | online course materials to a group is not allowed without prior written consent.
  • If you are a teacher, and would like to use Atelier Rousar | online course material for your group, you may request permission here.

Atelier Rousar | online Course Access

All course access is through a special login link emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you lose that link, please contact us through the form on this page here.

In order to assure communication, it is strongly recommended that you whitelist the email addresses we use to communicate with you.

Once purchased, and assuming a refund is not requested and issued, you will have unlimited course access as long as the course is live on the atelierrousar.com website.

Things out of our control, such as but not limited to server issues, may impact your ability to access the course for an unspecified period of time. We will do our best to make you aware of access issues as soon as possible.

How Do I Request a Critique?

Course Critiques

If you are a student in an Atelier Rousar | online Standard Course, automatic critiques occur at 3 pre-specified intervals during the course's critique availability period.*

If you are a student in an Atelier Rousar | online Critiqued Course, automatic critiques occur at 7 pre-specified intervals during the course's critique availability period.* Critiqued course students also have the option of emailing me when necessary.

Regardless of the course, to receive a valid critique you must be able to provide me with suitable photographs of your setup at the stages in which you are requesting critiques. Complete directions for doing that are provided in a lesson within the courses.

All critiques are in English and managed through either the course system or email.

*As a means to provide you with accountability, the course's critique availability period begins one week after your enrollment date and ends six months later. Once the critique availability period ends, you will still have access to the course's content as long as the course is available on the website.

How Do Critiques Work?

My goals in giving you a critiques are numerous:

  1. To answer any questions you might have about the current stage of your drawing.
  2. To assess your drawing at its current stage.
  3. To point out drawing errors.
  4. To recommend corrections.
  5. To suggest the next step, or steps, that you should take.

Again, to succeed with any of those items will require a photograph of your setup that follows certain specific parameters. Failure to provide an acceptable photograph will limit my critiquing abilities.

Atelier Rousar | online Refund Policies

Provided you have not previously received a refund, you are eligible for a no questions asked, full refund up to 30 days* after your purchase of an Atelier Rousar | online course.

Refund requests must be made through the Atelier Rousar | online contact form, accessible here. The request must include your full name, username, account login email address, date of order, and order number.

*Note that the refund will not be processed until the course purchase clears.